Baal Sanskar (English)

This book, “Bal Sanskara” is a compilation of material useful in the character building of children and to instill in them, moral values, in a simple and lucid style.

It is set to impart priceless contribution to the development of the infinite power hidden in children. By means of this book, thousands of Bal Saņskara Kendras across the globe have been carrying out the divine work of instilling good, moral values in children. It includes information useful for parents, teachers and children; the topics are listed below:


* What should be the ideal daily routine for children?

* Simple ways to increase memory power

* Asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and mudras (positions or gestures which represent the psyche) for various ailments.

* Meditation and Trataka: Immensely beneficial in increasing memory power

* Mantra Japa and Mauna: An excellent way to conserve energy

* Trikaala Sandhyaa- Beneficial for increasing vigour & vitality, lustre, intellect and Life Energy.

* Surya Namaskaara (Sun Salutation) – improves physical & mental agility; increases the power of inquiry and memory power.

* Seven Yogic Chakras – The Seven Spiritual Energy Centres

* Inspiring couplets to foster enthusiasm, diligence, fearlessness, and awaken life-force

* Couplets and Verses to inculcate virtues

* Virtues to make a child great, successful & affable

* Philosophical and scientific import of Indian cultural traditions

* How to achieve success in exams

* The ideal way to spend your holidays

* How do you celebrate your birthday, by lighting a lamp or blowing out candles? Learn the correct way.

* Useful rules for good conduct to brighten your future

* Inspirational tales to foster virtues

* Bazaar Cold drinks: Enemies of teeth and bones

* Grave adverse effects of drinking tea & coffee

* Modern fast-food eating habits – An alarm

* Cosmetics Products concealing the silent screams of slaughtered innocent animals

* Bazaar ice-creams – Wholesome or unwholesome?

* Meat eating: inciting evil acts, and the root cause of numerous fatal diseases

* Are you eating chocolate or the flesh of innocent calves?

* Eggs – The root cause of many deadly diseases

* Gutkha & Paan-masala: The giver of an agonizing death

* The instruments which make life hellish

* Know about a child’s mental and inner state from its sleeping position

* A sacred message from revered Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu for strong nation-building

* My Lust sublimated into Devotion (an experience)

* Do not forget your parents (A devotional song)


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