82 year old saint sentenced life imprisonment, under POCSO act of children protection. Is the girl really a minor?

13 Govt documents including the hospital birth certificate, LIC document, Ration card, Primary school prove that the girl is a major. The age was manipulated later in the higher grade, as per the T.C, provided to Sant Shri Asharam ji Gurukul where the girl took admission, her age was entered in the 10th class certificate.   Just this one document was considered as valid age proof and the girl was treated a minor and given the advantage that everything said by the girl would be taken as right unless proved otherwise beyond doubt and the 82 year old saint was given stringent punishment of life imprisonment until death.

How fair is this?

That night, was the girl really in the room with Sant Asharam Bapu? What does her phone call record say? Where there any digital photos of Bapuji with Devotees?

The girl was actually on talking on phone that night, in the time frame, she accessed that she was molested.

The phone call records do not lie?

There are digital photos with time stamp, of Bapuji with devotees, in that time frame she mentioned that she was molested.

what does medical report say?