Divine Satsang by Shri Vasudevanandji : Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

15th Aug - 10.15am & 6.10pm Onwards

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LocationAhmedabad (Gujarat)
Date_Time15th Aug - 10.15am & 6.10pm Onwards
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Equipped with Yogic Powers

Equipped with Yogic Powers


God-realization is a supremely elevated state. If this state is coupled with Yogic potency, it is like sugaring the milk. This very kind of combination is seen in the life of Param Pujya Bapuji. 

On one side His state of God-realization fills the hearts of devotees who come near Him with bliss and peace and on the other, incidents like bringing a dead cow to life, causing rainfall in famine-struck areas, curing people of incurable diseases, blessing poor people with wealth and uneducated ones with intellect and turning staunch atheists into believers – are evidence of His being a master of Kundalini Yoga equipped with Yogic powers.

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