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Sanatana Dharma

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Sanatan Dharam is all about Hinduism. Bapuji has told this many times in Satsang that Hinduism is not just about Indian geo-community Diasporas or people born Hindus  but its should be widely adopted because it's naturally in favor of whole universe.

Mantra Science

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Mantra Science is science  to get rid of all problems by reciting specific Vedic Mantra given by Pujya Bapuji. There are few rules in reciting, such that Mantras works only if you follow these rules and adhered to. Please review all rules before start reciting mantra.

Health Tips

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Health Tips given by Bapuji to get rid of all Health problems. The Health Tips provided here are super excellent in nature and it’s based upon personal experiences of saints and India’s ancient Ayurvedic and lifestyle researched by our sages and liberally scattered throughout our scriptures and not on Science.


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Meditation is a means to attain Self Realization. The ultimate outcome of Meditation is to be Self realized ones which eventually results in all time happiness and success. Rejuvenating your inner peace and strength in solitude and balance is absolute necessity in today's competitive world.


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Yoga is an essential part of daily routine. One must strive to live with vibrant health systems. Practicing Yoga will lead to Healthy body,cheerful Mind and Sharp Memory.

Mahila Utthan Mandal

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Mahila Utthan Mandal (MUM) means Woman Empowerment Association.MUM organizes different activities which help women in realizing their hidden skills and potential.The objective of women-all group is to make women/girls developed,Self confident ,Self dependent and Skilled.Women/girls age 14 or more welcomed to attain.

Yuva Seva Sang

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Yuva Seva Sang(YSS) mean Youth Male Service Association. YSS association objective is to help and guide young generation. YSS organizes different weekly activities to build reliable and socially active generations of young male.Self confidence, smartness, bold and self dependency are the traits we hope to build in. Students age 16 years or more welcome to attain.

Bal Sanskar

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‘Bal Sanskar Kendra’ (BSK) is activity through which knowledge and wisdom of our great saints and seers is being imparted to children. The objective of BalSanskar Kendra is to enhance vital human qualities like determination, memory power and Self discipline . All children under 16 years are welcome to attain these session.