Shri Yoga Vedanta Samiti Center of Canada is located in Brampton, ON. Samiti was founded under guidance of Saint Shree Asharamji Bapu in 1997.Samiti celebrates many Indian festivals in order to hold together the value of Hindu religion and its rituals for Indian communities. Samiti organizes many activities for Kids through classes called Balsanskar Kendra to help them build reliable, smart and excellent carrier.


The top most priority of Samiti is to help one to attain self-realization which is supreme target (lakshya) of our beloved Saint Shree Asharamji Bapu. Samiti donates various articles like food, clothes, medicines, utensils etc. to the destitute, as per the Divine philosophy of Asharamji Bapu which is सर्वभूतहिते रतः means Being intent on the welfare of all beings”.