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Shraaddh -the ritual which bestows wealth, grains, fame, and satisfaction to the inner self.

Shraaddh -the ritual which bestows wealth, grains, fame, and satisfaction to the inner self.   


During the days of the fortnight of Shraaddh, there is provision for ancestors to visit their family homes. Hence, Pitris freely move during the fortnight of Shraaddh. The ancestors of those who offer food as an oblation to them feel satiated and they bless the performers of Shraaddh before going. Good progeny is born to their family. Those who do not perform Shraaddh, their ancestors will leave dissatisfied with a sigh of hatred. Those families thereby stay dissatisfied.

Your one month is equivalent to one day (one day + one night) of the world of ancestors. If you perform Shraaddh even once in a year in accordance with the prescribed method, your ancestors are gratified. Whatever foods you offer to them only the bhava (subtle essence) of foods is carried to them and they get satiated with that. In whichever world or species our ancestors currently are, they will get food in the form which satisfies them. For the emancipation (from hellish situation) and wellbeing of ancestors, place water in your front and recite Bhagwad Gita chapter 7 along with its glories, and take that water in your hand and pour it into a Tulsi plant with a resolve for the emancipation and peace of their soul. This resolve will immensely help your ancestors and their blessings will in turn help you.

I reaped great benefit

I am greatly benefitted by the fortnight of Shraaddh. During the Shraaddh ceremony of my father, I do it not just for him but for all those have who died in the family. I 

perform also for Yakshas, Gandharvas, those who met untimely death, those for whom none performed the ritual of Pindadana (worship of Pinda), those who do not have any descendants, and those who are celibates. When I perform it for their well-being then on the day of performing this ritual, I experience great happiness, joy and spiritual bliss. When I gratify Nagas, Yakshas, Kinnaras, all living beings through Shraaddh, I feel very good.  There is not only an increase in wealth and fame as the external benefits of performing Shraaddh ritual for Pitris but it also gives satisfaction of the inner self. 

Shraaddh Mantras

OM, HRIM, SHRIM, KLIM – these four are Seed Mantras and Swadha Devi is capable of satisfying the Pitris. We have to recite this mantra for her:


OM, HRIM, SHRIM, KLIM, Swadhaa Devayai Swaahaa|

Those who are left out knowingly or unknowingly, whose date of demise is not known, their Shraaddh can also be performed on the new moon day of Sarvapitri (all ancestors) Amavasya. If you are unable to observe all rituals in accordance with the prescribed method, some rituals along with the above mantra will serve the purpose.

Reciting this mantra on the day of Sarvapitri Amavasya after performing Shraaddh rituals, will correct any mistakes or shortcomings that happened in the rituals and the ancestors will be gratified.

Satisfaction of the ancestors will lead to the birth of great souls in your family, and also stabilize prosperity, happiness and wealth. During the days of Shraaddh, one should observe celibacy and the invited priests (Brahmins) should also observe celibacy before coming to receive Shraaddh. The Brahmin priest should be free from addictions like smokeless tobacco, etc.

If someone is incapable of performing Shraaddh…

If someone does not have capability, means or money to perform Shraaddh, then he should feed forage to a cow on the day of Shraaddh at Kutapa time (between 11:36 AM to 12:24 PM). If there is not enough money to buy forage for cows for whatever reason, then during the aforementioned period, raise both your hands and pray to the Sun God: “Please gratify my father, grandfather, or so and so. Give them happiness, you are mighty. I do not have money, materials, and knowledge of the prescribed method, there is no one capable of performing the ritual in my home. I am unable to do it but I have faith and reverence unto you. You can be gratified with this.” You will be benefitted auspiciously through this.

Lord Rama performed Shraaddh at Pushkar with roots and tubers. Later upon arriving at Ayodhya he did the rituals with Kheer (pudding), Puri and other delicacies. Eknathji Maharaj also performed Shraaddh. When such great men have performed the ritual of Shraaddh, then you too should satisfy your ancestors by performing Shraaddh.

A plan of ‘Collective Shraaddh’ on the occasion of Sarvapitri Amavasya

Those who do not know the lunar days of departure of their ancestors should perform Shraaddh on Sarvapitri darsh Amavasya.This is organized at various Sant Shri Asharamji Ashrams where you can participate. Please register at your nearest ashram by.

To perform this ritual, bring two big plates, two bowls, two spoons, one copper jug and woolen cloth to sit upon. Other necessary materials will be available at the place of Shraaddh. You will have to take back all utensils you brought after completion of the Shraaddh ritual. Contact your nearest Ashram for more information.

(For detailed information about Shraaddh, read Ashram’s publication: ‘Shraaddh-Mahima.)

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