Gurukuls- Perfect blend of the modern & spiritual education
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Gurukuls- Perfect blend of the modern & spiritual education

Pujya Bapuji has opened many gurukuls in India where thousands of young children are getting to study about Hinduism, the actual history of India which has been kept hidden from us all, the Science of Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Sanskrit, Importance of Celibacy etc. along with all the essential modern subjects. 

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Opposed Macaulay’s Education System & Convents

Now these Christian missionaries fear that such education being spread may break the chains of mental slavery programmed by Macaulay's western education system in Indian generation's mind. That's why; time to time they keep on conspiring to defame Indian saints and Hindu Dharma.
Asharamji Bapu also exposed convents as a front of missionaries which start mind control of young fresh minds by injecting poison about Hindu Gods, culture & religion. Gurukuls reversed this trend, apart from this the result is spectacular too.

17,000+ Bal Sanskar Kendras

Student life is the basis of human life. To strengthen this, more than 17,000 Bal Sanskar Kendras are engaged in the divine work of inculcating noble traits in students throughout the world. This initiative is entirely volunteer based and thus free of any cost.

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