1. Dabang Bapuji

    Dabang Bapuji
  2. Influential Incarnation

    Influential Incarnation
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    Influential Childhood
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    Bold Challenge
  5. Bold Love

    Bold Love

Trial - Beloved of Saints

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Shri Ramdevaji Maharaj, the Famous Master of Yoga: “Every One Who has Lost Hope Needs Asharamji. I have been blessed with the darshana of highly respected and revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapuj who has elevated the hearts of, and bestowed peace to, millions of souls. Probably very individual is dejected and frustrated with life and he needs the blessings of Asharamji. Revered and adorable Maharaj Sri ‘Asharamji' is the crying need of the whole world. You keep showing us the path. We also shall keep moving behind You and shall achieve the goal one day, for sure.”

Trial - A Great Teacher

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Pujyashree is travelling through the length and breadth of the country and blowing the conch of awakening the youth of India throughVidyarthi Tejaswi Taalim Shibirs, through 19000 Baal Samskar Kendras being run under his auspicesm through Yuvadhan Suraksha Abhiyans (protection of youth, the wealth of the nation) and through the newly formed Yuva Seva Sangh (Youth Service Union). He is a great proponent of teaching self-restraint to the youth. More than 17.2 million copies of ‘Divya Prerana Prakash’, a booklet containing his teachings on self-restraint, have been distributed. Shri Hansdasji Maharaj, the secretary of All India Sadhu Samaj and the general secretary of Sant Samiti, has praised this booklet wholeheartedly....

Trial - Showing the way to devotees

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Pujyashree says, “O sadhaka! God is not afar nor is the attainment of Him, difficult. Take a firm resolve today itself, ‘I will surely attain Self-realization’. You just have to take one single step forward; the Lord is willing to take 999 steps. You pray to the Lord timorously and lose yourself into Him; surrender yourself to Him who is your real master...."

Trial - Benefactor of the Deprived

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A saint has remarked, “For a hungry man, food alone is the spirituality, food grains are actual God and clothing solely is Divinity.”

It is absolutely true. Until and unless the fire in the stomach are satiated one can not imbibe spiritual percepts howsoever sound and great they may be. Pujya Bapuji, who is ever engaged in uplifting all strata of the society, by organising distribution of food to the poor along with satsang, has indeed put this principal into practice. Large bhandaras (feasts) are organized for the poor and trible people under Pujyashree’s guidance....

Trial - Equipped with Yogic Potency

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God-realization is a supremely elevated state. If this state is coupled with Yogic potency, it is like sugaring the milk. This very kind of combination is seen in the life of Param Pujya Bapuji. On one side His state of God-realization fills the devotees who come near Him with bliss and peace and on the other, incidents like bringing a dead cow to life, causing rainfall in famine-struck areas....

Trial - The Indweller of All Hearts

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Pujya Bapuji is ever engaged in the good of the mankind and in efforts for increasing peace and happiness in their lives, for making their lives free from tension, for accord and harmony in their family lives and for their spiritual advancement. Not only human beings, he takes due care that even the tiniest of creatures should not be hurt or deprived of their right to live. He instruct his disciples also the same so as to walk carefully so as not to trample ants and other creatures, to throw grains to the birds and to offer morsels to the cows ...

Trial - Embodiment of Causeless Unbidden Mercy

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Pujyashree tells us that when he was a Sadhaka, he used to undergo pangs of separation from the Lord and yearn for God-Realization and would say to Lord, “'Let me find You once’ then You see how low-priced (easily available) I will make You.”

Today these words of Pujyashree are proving to be perfectly true. An ocean of Self-bliss is always undulating around Him where anybody irrespective of his religion, sect, caste and creed can take a dip......

Trial - The Spiritual Revolutionist

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The Spiritual Revolutionist D o you know who has illumined the whole world with the spiritual esoteric knowledge of the scriptures making it lucid and interesting? Who has satiated not only India but the whole world with his ambrosial utterances? Who has placed before the world the lofty ideal of selfless service along with that of satsang for the first time? We know the only answer to these questions is going to be – ‘Self-reposed, well versed ...
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