Tribal Welfare

‘Bhajan karo, Bhojan karo, Roji pao Yojna’ – (Worship, have food and take your wages)

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Under this scheme offered by the ashram, those who have no means of or are unable to earn their livelihood are provided with the benefits of japa, kirtana and satsanga from morning till evening along with food and wages with a view to eradicate poverty and unemployment and sanctifying the atmosphere through japa and kirtana.

Development of poor, tribal and people belonging to backward classes

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Selfless social services such as regular free distribution of food grains and Bhandaras through ‘Vanvasi Utthan Kendras’ (Tribal Upliftment Centres), distribution of clothes, utensils note-book to children, sweets, etc. and cash distribution are being carried out on a large scale, all over the nation. Regular programmes of Kirtan and Bhandaras have become a main part of the service activities of the Ashram. Millions of poor tribal, deprived and orphans have been benefited through thousands of Bhandaras so far.

Food & Grain distribution in poor people

Sewa Karya By Sant Asaram Bapu