Balsanskar Kendra - Initiated by the Divine Inspiration of Pujya Asharam Ji Bapu

The way a child’s character is moulded, and the values and habits taught to him during his early childhood, eventually form the basis of his future life. It is very essential to teach noble traits to children so that they can attain all-round excellence in life. By following the footsteps of heroes like Subhash Chandra Bose, saints like Ekanathaji, or the noble ones devoted to their parents like Shravana Kumara, our children can become great men. We all know how positively Gandhiji’s life was influenced by the play ‘Harishchandra’, which he happened to see during his childhood!
Good traits can be taught to kids in a playful manner. A child is like a delicate young plant which can be made to grow in any direction. If a young child is inculcated with good traits, he can grow into a large banyan tree, competent enough to preserve the glory of Indian culture.
Students are the future of India, the glory of the world, and the pride of their parents. Hidden in them is a great treasure, a veritable storehouse of infinite capabilities. To uncover that treasure, we need to inculcate good traits in them, build their character and acquaint them with the true glory of Indian culture. His holiness Sant Sri Asharamji Bapu has been wandering across the globe and teaching these moral values to the children, also conducting various "Vidyarthi Tejaswi Talim Shivirs" and "Vidyarthi Ujjawal Bhavishya Nirman Shivirs" (Students camps) for overall personality devlopement of the students.  

With Pujya Bapuji's Divine Inspiration more than 17,000 Balsanskar Kendras (Weekly classes for children) are being run across the globe by his devotees. 


Objectives of Balsanskar Kendra -  All-Round Development of The Children & The Nation:

1. To facilitate the development of physical, mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual powers amongst the students.

2. To develop memory & intelligence of the students through various yogic techniques.

3. To protect their health & help them develop their vital force & will-power through the   pracrice of Yogasanas and Pranayam (Yogic physical and breathing exercises).

4. To offer innovative easy to follow tips on obtaining excellent marks in examinations.

5. To infuse fearlessness, cheerfulness and self-confidence in their lives.

6. To make them cognizant of their duties towards parents, teachers, elders, society and the nation.

7. To build a thriving & prosperous society by inculcating the supreme virtues of self-restraint, righteousness, nobility and moral propriety amongst the students and reinstate India as the Vishwaguru.


Pujya Bapuji's Message:

‘Bal Sanskar Kendra’ is a channel through which knowledge and wisdom of our great saints and seers can be imparted to children. The end objective is to imbibe and enhance vital human qualities like determination and memory power. It also includes teaching techniques to augment concentration and brilliance of mind.

‘Japa’ (incantation), meditation, ‘pranayam’(breathing techniques) awaken the latent energies of mind. Children should also be advised to respect their parents and obtain their blessings and learn to lead a happy, healthy and respectful life. They should be encouraged to become energetic and high-spirited. The intent of ‘sewa bhavu’ should be nurtured in the children and they should be encouraged to render service to society and nation when they grow up.

This is a philanthropic initiative and no money is expected. You are only requested to pass on the benefits accrued to you through satsang and taking mantra diksha by doing sewa in return by opening a Bal Sanskar Kendra either yourself or encouraging someone else to do so. Such a good deed will help pass on the benefits of good living to others and bestow prosperity

- Param Pujya Sant Sri Asharam Ji Bapu




Balsanskar Kendra - Introduction

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Importance of Balsanskar Kendra