Why Is Bapuji Targeted ?
Envy, Greed and Ego of corrupt Ex-Ashramites

The number of Bapuji's disciples is in crores. Out of them these 8-10 people speak against the Ashram and Bapuji. They are saying what they say not because they had bad experiences while living in the Ashram but because they are themselves mired in vices and therefore they level false and baseless allegations against a pure saint like Bapuji and the pious Ashram. Now you can judge for yourselves whether the fictitious allegations of such corrupted rogues carry any value or not!

Amrit Prajapati

Used his wife to level allegations against Bapuji in front of media
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Mahendra Chawla

His brothers statement about his fraudulence confessions
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His assistant Vikrant Sharma from Jammu revealed his truth
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Key Reasons :

Social Reforms By Bapuji

Facts About Latest Allegations:
Jurist Dr. Subramanian Swamy Found The Case Bogus
Why chose Delhi to file FIR? – Suspicious delay & political pressure on Delhi police
“No rape charges filed in FIR and medical report received from Delhi does not confirm rape at all”- DCP Ajay Pal Lamba, Jodhpur (officer sacked soon after)
“Neither girl nor Pujya Bapuji was present in ashram at the time of so called incident. Investigation has proven this fact.”- Shri Subramanian Swamy
“I am unwilling to create an issue but My parents are pushing for it. I only speak what I am told to speak." - Complainant’s Confession to Her Friend Over Phone
“I was lured showing bundles of currency and under physical pressure, I was forced to read out pre-planned script to trap Asharamji Bapu”- Bholanand
“All the witnesses listed by Honorable Supreme Court are not only alive but their statements have also been taken in court.”- Shri Subramanian Swamy

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