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Palash ke Phool

 Palash ke PhoolGurudev Blessing Devotees

Holi was celebrated as a festival even in the Vedic age. Intellectuals would perform charitable activities and meritorious deeds while people from lower strata of society would play drums and seek baksheesh to celebrate the festival. But today this pious festival has suffered degeneration due to the use of chemical colors and the evil habits of drinking and hurling vulgar abuses at one another. What we should actually do on such a pious and holy occasion is sing bhajans, sprinkle sattvic and natural colour of flowers (Butea Frondosa flowers are very commonly used) on one another and engage in games like tug of war, etc. Sattvic colors are beneficial for health and sattvic games make the mind cheerful while bhajans sanctify the heart.

During summer, the rays of the Sun become more intense and increase our body heat. This sometimes gives rise to anger and depression. That is why natural colours made from flowers are sprinkled on one another in order to increase the body’s resistance to the summer heat and check the detrimental effects of the Sun ’s rays.


The holy festivals of Indian culture and the pious manner of their celebration not only bring cheer but also improve physical health and cause to reflect the Bestower of the intellect in the mirror thereof. In this manner people become healthy, joyous and blissful and proceed on the path of Self-realization, the abode of Supreme Bliss that would emancipate them from all sorrows and establish them in Supreme Bliss.

The Ideal Manner of Celebrating Holi


Palash Ke PhoolHoli is one of the most pious festivals characterizing Indian culture; It provides us with an excellent opportunity to forget mutual bitterness and enmity and rekindle our pristine love and amity. It is an occasion to abandon vices and bad traits and awaken our inherent divinity, bliss and the true happiness that spring from spontaneity, simplicity and egolessness.

This festival of colors brings forth a sense of social unity in diversity, manifesting the keen foresightedness of our ancestors. While the showers of diverse colors bring cheer and delight, they can bring about misery as well if one is not careful, restrained and sensible enough during the celebrations. Therefore one should take due precautions during this festival.

Palash ke PhoolIn the olden days people would use the natural colors of the Palash flowers, kumkum, gulal, turmeric, etc., but today the use of chemical colors is rampant. These chemicals cause adverse reactions on the skin and therefore one should avoid them. In case someone throws chemical colors on you, apply a mixture of gram flour, wheat flour, milk, turmeric and oil and wash it off quickly. If lemon juice is rubbed on the affected parts before applying this mixture, it helps remove the stains more quickly and properly.

Apply coconut oil or mustard oil to the body before celebrating the festival so that the chemical colors do not have an adverse effect on the body and using a simple soap washes off the stains completely.


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आश्रमवासी द्वारा उत्तर

Bapu ji ke charno pe mera vandan mane 1997 me sonipat me ap se diksha li, mai rojana mansik jap hari om ka 120 mala jab se kar raha hun bapu kya mera

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 Bapu ji ke charno pe mera vandan mane 1997 me sonipat me ap se diksha li, mai rojana mansik jap hari om ka 120 mala jab se kar raha hun bapu kya mera crore jap ho gya hai mai puri tarah se ap ka updesh nahan pal saka hun kripya apni shakti mujhe pradan kare taki man ap ke kiye anusar chal saku vais mere har kaam apki kripa se samay per ho rehe hai koti koti vandan


ध्यान विषयक

निद्रा का व्यवधान क्यों होता है और उसका निराकरण कैसे होता है प्रभु ?

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श्री हरि प्रभु ! चालू सत्संग में जब मन निःसंकल्प अवस्था में विषय से उपराम होकर आने लगता है ,तो प्रायः निद्रा का व्यवधान क्यों होता है और उसका निराकरण कैसे होता है प्रभु ?

ध्यान की अवस्था में कैसे पहुंचे ? अगर घर की परिस्थिति उसके अनुकूल न हो तो क्या करे ?

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ध्यान  की  अवस्था  में  कैसे  पहुंचे ? अगर  घर  की  परिस्थिति  उसके  अनुकूल  न  हो  तो  क्या  करे ?



गुरुदेव ! सदा और सर्व अवस्थाओ में अद्वैत की भावना करनी चाहिए पर गुरु के साथ अद्वैत की भावना कदापि नही करनी चाहिए - ऐसा जो कहा गया है उसका रहस्य समझाने की कृपा करें।

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1 दिसंबर 2010
निरंतर अंक - 216

गुरुदेव ! सबकुछ जानते हुए भी मन में संशय उत्पन्न हो जाता है

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1 जनवरी 2011
अंक - 217
प्रश्न :- गुरुदेव ! सबकुछ जानते हुए भी मन मे संशय उत्पन्न हो जाता है। 
पूज्य बापूजी :- सब कुछ क्या जानते है ?
प्रश्नकर्ता :- जैसे कोई सही चीज हो तो उसके विषय मे मन में द्वंद उत्पन्न होने लगता है कि यह ऐसा है कि ऐसा है ?


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कैसे जाने की हमारी साधना ठीक हो रही है ? कैसे पता चले के हम भी सही रस्ते है? कौनसा अनुभव हो तो ये माने की हमारी साधना ठीक चल रही है ?

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