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Ravi Patel
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What Devotee can do to save his guru from his Prarabd ?

What Devotee can do to save his guru from his Prarabdh? 

Can Devotee's Prarabdh effect to his guru ? 

When those questions being asked to Dr Premji here what he Reply .Interesting but Genuinely true


Being a disciple of a Brahmgayni saint how can you have prarabdha? Theory of Karma is based on the reality of time, space and world. It is for turning the animal man into a human being. It prevents one from doing wicked actions so that he becomes fit for higher spiritual training by doing good actions which purifies his mind. When he becomes fit for it he is taught that Prarabdha is not really existent. Prince Rama was afraid of karma and Prarabdha. His Guru Vasishtha said, “Such a fruit of effort can be directly experienced. Stupids, who are in delusion, do not know that there is nothing called 'daivam' (fate,or providential occurence).

  We do not censure if someone says 'there is nothing in this thesis'. But those, who believe the existence of destiny, fabricated by foolish people, are lost.

    And so, one becomes an achiever only by (personal) effort. The fruits of that can be seen clearly like an 'amalaka' fruit in the palm. Fools leave aside such di­rect occurence (proof) and fall a prey to the idea of fate (providence).

  O good natured me, leaving aside the untrue, unrea­sonable and self - fabricated idea of 'fate' , depend on your own self effort.”

Even after learning this from Vasishtha if Rama thinks Vasishtha suffering from his prarabdha on seeing him lamenting over the death of his 100 sons killed by Vishwamitra can we call Rama a disciple of Vasishtha? All Brahmgayni Gurus and Vedanta scriptures like Upanishads and Gita teach this truth that all karmas are reduced to ashes by the fire of knowledge. Our Gurudev also teaches the same thing. Yet you do not believe in his teachings and think that he is suffering due to his prarabdha or prarabdha of his disciples your discipleship is questionable.  If you cannot believe your Guru to be free from karmas even after having attained Brahmgayni how can you attain freedom from Karmic bondage by his grace?

It is true that when the Guru initiates any person he has to suffer from the evil doings of the disciple. Ramakrishna Paramhamsa used to become ill on initiating a few persons and said it clearly that he had to suffer the sins committed by his disciples. But does the Guru think himself to be the mind-body complex which suffers the consequences of actions of his disciples? He has already realized his true being as Brahman which transcends all actions and sufferings including death. If there is anything that can harm the Guru His Brahmgayni is questionable. He has attained such a state that even 33 crores of gods cannot harm Him and all meritorious actions cannot help Him. That is why he fearlessly initiates millions to save them from the disease of ignorance and set them free from karmas forever. Sadhakas who think their Guru needs help from them or even God to save him from his prarabdha are childish. They do not know the meaning of Brahmgayni and its benefits. They cannot be called even disciples of a Brahmgayni. Many Brahmgaynis like Mansoor, Guru Arjandev, Guru Teghbahadur sacrificed their lives for their mission of protecting Dharma. They could have saved them from sufferings but they had incarnated with a mission. How can an Avatar turn away from his mission to save the mortal body from sufferings and death? Can an actor stop playing his role in a tragedy film? He is not an actor if he does so. Similarly if an Avatar turns away from His divine mission being afraid of sufferings he is not an Avatar. He is not a Brahmgayni.

Brahmgayni does not consider himself to be the mind-body complex. But the disciples get benefits through His body. So they must take care of Guru’s body but not limit the being of the Guru to that body. Just as a TV set helps one see the broadcast from TV stations. One may take care of his TV set to receive better signals but one should not think he helps the TV station by repairing his TV. Even when the TV set is broken the TV station is not damaged or destroyed. Similarly even when the body of a Brahmgayni dies his Being remains deathless Brahman.  

Many sadhakas do Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and offer its fruit to their Guru for his health and longevity.  It is a different thing.


-Dr Premji


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