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83rd Incarnation Day of Pujya Sant Shri AsharamJi Bapu

Fourth lunar day falling on Tuesday. (From sunrise to 11.04 am)
(From sunrise to 11.04 am)
Vaishaakha Maasa Vrata (Virtuous acts done with devotion like Charity, Japa, Hawana, Bathing, etc. on this day give undecaying religious merit, a hundred crore times more than that done on other days. 
– Padma Purana)

Shri Hanuman Jayanti, Chhattrapati ShivaJi Punyatithi
(Chhattrapati ShivaJi Punyatithi)
Mahaveer Swami Jayanti
Kamada Ekadashi (Observance of this Vrata destroys the sin of killing a Brahmin, and if its religious merit is given to a goblin, the latter is emancipated from goblinhood.)
 Rama Navami (Bhagavat) (The person who observes this Vrata and does penance and Japa on this day destroys the sins accumulated in numerous lives. He develops the virtue of control over senses.), Sankranti (meritorious period from 10.10 am to 6.11 pm), Ravi Pushyamrita Yoga (from sunrise to 7.40 am)
(Sankranti & Ravi Pushyamrita Yoga)
Mangalwari Chaturthi
(From sunrise to 4.07pm)