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Understanding Sexuality

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Understanding Sexuality

Such a concept as sexuality is widening with the development of society. Nowadays many people look for easy, extreme, egocentric relationships instead of getting married and conceiving a child and nobody judges such kinds of relationships.

Views on what is normal in sexual relations differ from country to country. Thus, it is possible to eat from a woman’s body or buy dirty underwear in a store in Japan. In France children learn about sex at a special conference. In the Netherlands children learn about sex before school and it is natural to see an advertisement about sex or narcotics on television. Some African people believe that sex with relatives can cure the loss of sexual power while the whole world despises such sexual activity. In Australia, Canada and the US prostitution is not forbidden. In Cameroon, Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia sex before the wedding night is the violation of a law. Attitudes to sexual relations in the USA are very conservative.

The Sexual Revolution started in the 1960-s. It was the beginning of the new era: condoms were incorporated and people could have sex for pleasure without thinking about such consequences as an undesirable pregnancy or sexual diseases. Moreover, the role of a woman changed in the society. Before the Sexual Revolution a man had been responsible for the number of children in a family, but after the appearance of birth-control pills a woman was able to decide whether to have a baby or not. It resulted in the emergence of feminism and the expanding the norms of morality. However, nowadays the US society tends to be more puritan. The Sexual Counterrevolution is the process of coming back to the views on sex culture before the Sexual Revolution, when the religion regulated people’s sex life. Thus, there are people who think that abortions should not be legal, sex until marriage should be punished, gay marriages should be forbidden, gay couples should not adopt children, people should be ashamed of having sex and sex should lead only to a child birth.

There are such types of sexual orientation as heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual. Heterosexual people are attracted to the opposite gender. Heterosexual couples are the most wide-spread. Homosexual people are those who are attracted to the same gender. Females form lesbian couples and males form gay couples. Same-sex marriage is allowed in several US States. Bisexual people are attracted to both genders. Sometimes bisexuality can emerge when a person is a teenager. It often goes away when a person grows older and decides which side to choose. Scientists believe that the sexual orientation of the parents does not influence the orientation of their child because the sexual preference forms before a child is born.

Such sexual issues as teen pregnancy, pornography and prostitution require close observation. Teen pregnancy may lead to an abortion in the early age which may cause problems. It may be hard to get pregnant in the future or it may even cause infertility. That is why it is very important for children to learn about sex and contraception from the reliable sources. The debates about pornography are wide-spread around the world. Some people think that pornography should be forbidden because of religious and moral aspects. Other people believe that pornography is normal and it can even save relationships in some way. For instance, when one of the partners can not bare the routine it is better to watch a porn film than to cheat. Some people think that prostitution should not be legalized. However, this is one of the most ancient professions in the world and it is easier for the government to control it when it is legal.

Nowadays the sexual culture is different from what it used to be half a century ago. Views on sexual issues vary in every country. Most cultures believe that sexual education will prevent people from such problems as undesirable pregnancies and sexual diseases.

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