Conspiracy against Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu & His Ashram EXPOSED!!

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New Delhi, Oct 24th, 2009 :- In a press conference A2Z News channel, released a CD of a Sting operation . The CD reveals shocking findings about the conspiracy . It reveals the direct involvement of Two Media groups (INDIA TV and Sandesh News) in this case. It also exposes the involvement of political parties

यदि कोई दीक्षित साधक ,आवेश में आकर ,किसी कारण के बिना, दूसरे साधक को श्राप दे तो वो फलित होगा ?

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यदि  कोई  दीक्षित  साधक ,आवेश  में  आकर ,किसी  कारण  के  बिना,  दूसरे  साधक  को  श्राप दे  तो वो  फलित  होगा ?